About Us

Carbon AdvisoryCarbon Advisory

Enterprise Support Lab is a multifaced business advisory firm, operating out of the commercial nerve Centre of Nigeria, Lagos State. We are focused on leveraging our proprietary diagnostic frameworks in understanding business challenges, markets potentials, and ultimately developing support tools for business rationalization and decision making.

Founders Message

Carbon Advisory was founded on the ideals of an inherent quality-control endemic in the Nigerian market, we believe this problem Stemmed from a transgenerational foundation of poor technical inclinations, weak service standards and the overall fragile framework for accountability cutting across the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In view of this, we are cognisant on the high-levels of unease and risk associated with doing business in Nigeria, and how this contributes to the entirety of our problem statement, nonetheless we are intrinsically driven by the latent opportunities domiciled in the diversity and width of the Nigerian market, waiting to be activated by a culture of customer inclined research and development, business structuring and a utilisation of market intelligence in framing product and services.

Hence, we welcome clients, partners and industry contemporaries, to join us as we embark on this journey of advising and positioning the next generation of entrepreneurs and solution providers with practical tools for rationally engaging markets and driving initiatives across the Nigeria market.

Vision Statement

To cultivate high Impact Nigerian businesses for local market relevance and international competitiveness.

Mission Statement

To become a trusted solution provider in the Nigerian SME and public enterprise space.

Core Values

  • Transparency - in what we do
  • Collaboration - in our teams and with our clients
  • Excellence - in the quality of our work
  • Quality Assurance - in all we do